Dear Post-Baby Body 

Dear Post-Baby Body, It has now been a year and six months since my little boy came into this world and you and I have been fighting. This time last year I posted about my red stripes from where my stomach was stretched, the leftover baby weight that still hung, and other physical changes (Helloooooo... Continue Reading →


When Everything is Changing, Part 2

"Oftentimes, God draws people to Himself by drawing them out of their comfort zones first. When we’re estranged from comfort, we gain clarity on His redemptive work in our lives. Our faith grows roots when we lack tangible stability." If you didn't read Everything is Changing part 1, you can read it here. As posted... Continue Reading →

My Epic Adventure: Motherhood!

I used to dream of being a famous songwriter and a New York Times Bestselling Author. Since my little Liam came into the world, my heart and dreams have changed in so many ways. I no longer dream of fame and fortune, I long to see my son reach his God-given potential. Follow his dreams.... Continue Reading →

Scars = My Redemption Story

Too often, we look at our scars - or baggage as ugly, painful reminders of past wounds - spiritual, physical, or emotional. Scars make us stronger. Sometimes we just need a reminder that the healing process takes time. Scars can represent our periods of healing and a new dependence on Christ. 
I want to turn over my stories of pain, turmoil, and helplessness and let God do the mending. The re-writing. The start of a new chapter!

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