3 Tips for Being Married to an Emotionally Taxed Spouse

It's no secret that I am a proud firefighter wife. My one-year old has been decked out in fire gear since the day he was born. He makes fire engine sounds and plays with his fire trucks constantly. We are thankful that my husband is so passionate about what he does for a living. He... Continue Reading →


Inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reverend, Husband, Father, World Changer, Activist, and Role Model are just a few of the titles that Martin Luther King, Jr. held. As I have taken a few days to reflect on the impact Luther had, I cannot help but try to imagine being in a room where he was boldly speaking to the masses.... Continue Reading →

Moments With Ripple Effects 

There are many moments in life that you never forget. You will never forget the first time you conquered a huge fear or checked off one of your top 5 bucket list items. You will never forget the first time you went overseas or the time you attempted to drive a stick shift (yikes!). You... Continue Reading →

A Blank Canvas

I always dreamed of being an artist. I wish I could paint like Picasso and instill dreams in people like Vincent van Gogh. I know a lot of artists. In fact, there are a lot of artists in my family. My mom is a computer artist - she can create beautiful things with the click... Continue Reading →

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