This Thing Called Love🖤

I know that every teenager and young twenty-something firmly believes that they understand the meaning of love, and I will never be a person to judge whether they do or not ... but I thought I understood love. When I met and dated Russ, I just KNEW that I was in love with him after... Continue Reading →


Little Lessons & Road Blocks From My 27th Year

It is mind-blowing that another year has gone by so quickly. This year has been full of changes, confusion about where God wants me, and a newfound sense of hope and realization of how precious life is. I've also learned that it's ok not to have it all figured out. God has a plan, I... Continue Reading →

3 Lessons I Learned From AA

I had the privilege of attending several AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings for my Master of Arts in Crisis Response & Trauma Counseling program through Liberty University's Graduate School. To be perfectly honest with you - my heart was pounding out of my chest at the first meeting. My palms were sweaty. I was SO outside... Continue Reading →

When Everything Changes

I think we can all pinpoint positive or negative moments when things drastically changed in life … whether it be a phone call, another negative pregnancy test after a year of trying, a failing semester of college, the birth of a first child, a mission trip in a third world country, or the purchase of... Continue Reading →

A Redwood Tree Kinda Friend

I have really been reflecting on what it means to have and be a good, genuine friend. I feel it is an area that I fall short in for many reasons. I have a difficult time pouring my heart out to people and letting them in. I can be guarded but I am taking time... Continue Reading →

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