When Everything Changes

I think we can all pinpoint positive or negative moments when things drastically changed in life … whether it be a phone call, another negative pregnancy test after a year of trying, a failing semester of college, the birth of a first child, a mission trip in a third world country, or the purchase of one’s first home.

Change can be insanely scary because it means we are no longer comfortable and feel confined by walls of uncertainty.

Change begins when we feel like everything as we know it is caving in and our comfort zone and certainty of what comes next becomes nonexistent. There is a moment in time when our comfort zone button turns off and we no longer know what we are doing and where we are headed. Something changes where we begin to question everything in our lives as we know it – friendships, marriages, choice of jobs, how we spend our money, and so on.

There is a moment in time when life as we know it becomes life as we KNEW IT. This moment must turn into a newfound life of trusting Christ and looking to Him for guidance and direction. Life should not just be comfortable.

Routine and comfort zones can be confining. They can hold us back from the amazing plans God has for us. They can hinder us from placing complete trust in Him and in the talents and passions He has given us.

This was and IS a very difficult lesson for most people to learn. I am learning this lesson again right now as the last year has held several big changes in the life of our little family.

I like comfort, schedules, drinking the exact same type of coffee, file folders, to do lists, and knowing what to expect in life.

Life with Jesus is about reliance, trust, and security.

He should be the number one CONSTANT in our lives, not the time we begin knitting sweaters each and every night (please tell me you’ve seen movie “NEVER BEEN KISSED” where Drew Barrymore’s character was so consumed with her schedule and making throw pillows that she forgot to live life).

Maybe it is time to let go of your comfort zone and be “comfortable” and confident with letting Jesus be your number one constant. He should be center of our decisions, ambitions, and current and future endeavors.

What are you holding on to that is comfortable that may be hindering the life He wants you to have?

Perhaps fear of rejection by witnessing to others? Perhaps fear of safety to travel overseas? Maybe it is time to give it all to Him and take that leap of faith. Or perhaps it feels more like a free-fall.

If what ahead scares you and what behind hurts you, remember to keep looking above … He will always love you, always comfort you, and always offer HOPE.

Are walls of uncertainty holding you back from the amazing plans God has for you?

Today is the day to begin taking that leap of faith. Let go and let God.

Beautiful Chaos is about finding joy, hope and healing in every phase of life.



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