Family Rules: You Must Dance in the Kitchen! 

Rules, rules, rules. Nowadays, when I hear the word "rules," I think it brings a negative ora to a room or conversation. It automatically makes the hair on my neck stand up because I like to follow rules - rules of the road, law, you get the point. Rules do not have to be negative,... Continue Reading →


Let Love Arise❤️

We all know the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Too often we subconsciously label others before we get to know them or make verbal contact for the very first time. What if we were labeled every time we made a mistake? Would you label me emotionally unstable because I was impatient... Continue Reading →

You Graduated, Now WHAT!?

This is a special post for Graduates. You did it! You graduated (or you are about to graduate) from high school! You are preparing to close out one chapter of your life and begin a new one.  Since the graduation announcements started rolling in, I began thinking about the advice we give graduates. We say, "be... Continue Reading →

Healthy Families Can Change the World!

Over the past few weeks I have been pulling out and dusting off my counseling books, papers, and trying to "brush up" on crisis counseling interventions and strategies. I decided it was time to delve into some of the difficult topics of healthy/unhealthy families, addictions, heartaches, trials, and unfortunate circumstances and how to cope. We... Continue Reading →

The Many Hats of Supermom

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women out there. The housekeeper. The tackler of laundry mounds. The nurturer. The home counselor. The homemade cookie baker. The architect of blocks and LEGO's. The creative snack concocter. The famous pb&j maker. The sticker wearing fashionista. The crushed goldfish vacuumer. MOMS. There are over 52 job titles... Continue Reading →

3 Tips To Being More Genuine

What if we all wore name tags with our biggest fears? Insecurities? Secrets? What if we embraced others without bias and without judgment? What if we imagined, entering a conversation, that the person we are talking to could be having the absolute worst day of their life? I recently came across this verse and it... Continue Reading →

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