Let Love Arise❤️

We all know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Too often we subconsciously label others before we get to know them or make verbal contact for the very first time.

What if we were labeled every time we made a mistake?

Would you label me emotionally unstable because I was impatient with a cashier?

Would you label me a rebel because you found out I had a few tattoos?

Would you label me as a person with road rage because you saw me speed by someone one time?

These are a few of the many examples we assume about people because of one act. When we see a mother lose her patience with her child in the grocery store, yes, we tend to make assumptions. When we see a husband and wife fighting in public, yes, we tend to make assumptions. When I see people who never, EVER smile, yes, I regrettably have started to make an assumption. We label people without realizing it.

We all make presuppositions, whether it be intentional or unintentional.

This is something that God is currently impressing upon my heart. In a recent sermon, Pastor Michael Brueseke said, “The sound of God’s voice sounds like love.”

God’s will for our lives will always include a way to love others MORE and not spread hate. Jesus wants to help us love those who are not easy to love. 

What if, instead of judging others based on one action or one reaction, we go out of our way to befriend them?

What if we were intentional in making moments positive?

I could sit here and list the endless debates and negativity going on in the world at this moment in time, but thanks to social media and television, the current debates and negativity are broadcasted EVERYWHERE and to the highest degree.

I could sit here and tell you all of the things that annoy me and that I do not agree with, but what would that change?

What we tend to forget is that we can start a wave of love, compassion, hope, grace, and positivity. We need to let love ARISE. To love those who persecute us. To ask for God to help us forgive others. To aim to feel the pain of others and have compassion on them.

The world has enough hate, rage, and negativity. Please take a moment and reflect with me today:

  • Will our encounters with people be based on labels and negativity, or love, compassion, and positivity?
  • In the end, which ones will make a positive impact on the kingdom and bring others to see the positive effects of God’s grace, hope, and gift of salvation?
  • We need more love and less hate in the world. It will not be easy, but as the old high school musical anthem says, “We’re all in this together!”

Beautiful Chaos is about finding joy, hope & healing in every phase of life. 



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