3 Life Lessons from Liam

"Any time that we speak encouraging words to a child, we can change their day, their week, and their lives." - Pastor Stephen Wolfe¬† It's no secret that as parents we become pretty smitten with our kids. We try to soak in every moment because we know that in the blink of an eye, we'll... Continue Reading →


5 Things to Treasure Daily

Life is busy and filled with endless demands, but it vital to take time to treasure life, love, and the talents and passions God has bestowed upon you. Here are 5 things you should treasure and make the most of daily . . .¬† 1. Time with Jesus. We need our Jesus time to be... Continue Reading →

Broken Crayons Still Color

I chose the title of this post two weeks ago and as I've continued to see it in my "drafts" writing box, my mind has continued to go in a million directions. The theme God has been working on in me lately is brokenness to beauty. When I was watching Liam color the other day,... Continue Reading →

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