5 Things to Treasure Daily

Life is busy and filled with endless demands, but it vital to take time to treasure life, love, and the talents and passions God has bestowed upon you. Here are 5 things you should treasure and make the most of daily . . . 

1. Time with Jesus.

We need our Jesus time to be the “best us.” We need to fill our hearts and minds with things of God rather than the things of this world. That is the true definition of finding peace in life and loving others to the fullest.

2. Time to think and let your brain unwind.

Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to relax and let your brain unwind. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck whilst you let the breeze soothe your soul. Take time to appreciate a sunset. Have a sweet conversation with your spouse. Take a bubble bath. Do something to rejuvenate your mind and soul. Time to reflect on all of the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you.

3. Time to love on your babies, family, and friends.

This is one of the biggest lessons I am learning right now. Sometimes my to do list needs to wait and my baby needs cuddles, kisses, or just attention in general. Sometimes I just need to sit down at the end of the night and watch his favorite movie with him. Or I need to just stop and read books and do puzzles with him (his favorite)! We can’t let life pass us by, because let’s be real – there will always be stuff to do.

4. Time for dreaming.

It’s important to take time to dream, explore, and have a passion for lifelong learning. Start a dream journal. Make a dream binder with things you want to do. Skydiving? Go on a mission trip to Africa? Start your own business? Start an initiative to help feed the homeless? You can do it!

5. Time for creativity.

Finally, it’s important that we utilize the passions that God has given us. I always think of Colossians 3:23. No matter what we are doing, we can praise the Lord while doing it. Baking, painting, running – they are all creative expressions. What is yours?

If your passion is cleaning – clean toilets and have a good time doing it! If your passion is music – pull out the old dusty guitar and play some tunes.

The point?

Life can be so busy that we get stuck in a routine and forget to actually live it.

Love beyond limits.

Tell your loved ones you adore and appreciate them.

Use your talents.

Take road trips!

Take a pottery class.

Vacuum at 7:00 AM (wait – am I the only one excited by that idea?).

Our lives are meant to be lived, not just survived.

Beautiful Chaos is about finding joy, hope & healing in every phase of life.



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