What Toddler Tantrums Can Teach Us

I am hesitant to announce that my son has officially been inducted into the terrible-two's-tantrum hall of fame. Boy, if I could nominate his lungs for an award, I'm certain they would win. The first two years of his life have been an absolute blast. I love being a mom to his joyful little soul.... Continue Reading →


Kindness: An Underrated World Changer

On the radio the other day, one of the hosts was saying that we need to focus more on the needs of others and check our attitudes and hearts daily. She went on to talk about an older, fragile, gray-haired man who decided to pay for something with a lot of change (which took several... Continue Reading →

When Everything is Changing

I feel like I have been on a writing hiatus the last few weeks and I have missed it immensely. Writing is definitely an avenue God uses in my life to really help me reflect on things that are happening and how I am processing it. Well, lately I haven't been able to put everything... Continue Reading →

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