Untangling The Webs of Regret

I could tell story after story of opportunities I have missed: To have conversations or meetings that I should've had when I knew people were struggling or hurting.  To go out of my way to tell someone I appreciate them, because I knew they were facing a difficult time and could use some extra encouragement. ... Continue Reading →


Re-shaping My Definition of Beauty

My mind has understood and processed for many, many years that God's definition of beauty is not about the size of your waist, the expense of the ring on your finger, or the brand of clothing you wear. But I'm not much of a jewelry girl and I usually shop pretty thrifty, so admittedly, I... Continue Reading →

The Many Smiles of a Toddler

I posted this on the "Mommy Moments" section of my website, check it out here. My two year old has quickly taught me that there are numerous types of toddler smiles: There’s the half smirk that is quickly accompanied by a devilish grin, one that says, “I’m about to do something I know I shouldn’t,... Continue Reading →

Remembering Our Little Angels 💙💖

"1 in 4 women experience pregnancy loss." "You may not see their children, but there are mothers all around you." The miscarriage statistics make it seem "all too common," but it remains difficult to cope with and necessary to grieve. Knowing you are with child brings an array of emotions - excitement, fear, and hope.... Continue Reading →

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