5 Lessons From 2018


As 2019 is rapidly approaching, there is much to reflect on from 2018. There were ups, downs, tests, trials, giggles and belly laughs, beautiful memories, new chapters of our story being written, and many leaps of faith. I’m excited for the new opportunities that were presented in 2018 and excited to see them flourish in 2019!

As we embrace 2019 with arms wide open, I am reflecting on 5 lessons that God taught me in 2018:

I am praying for you now as we approach 2019. Maybe 2018 was filled to the brim with painful memories or difficult people and trying situations.

May we continue to let hope arise and let God be the flashlight on a windy, ill lit pathway, full of twists and turns.

1. Don’t worry so much about what people think.

We should try not to compare our lives and circumstances to other people. This establishes unhealthy and unrealistic goals and ideals for our lives. It is so easy to compare things to what we can “see,” but there are often variables and situations that are naked to our wondering eye. This has been a season of changing and rearranging some things for us. People make comments based on what they see, but they do not always see or know what make up the whole puzzle. It is so important to realize we cannot base our decisions and our happiness on people. It is God and God alone whom we must place our trust and guidance in. He will not leave us alone during the seasons of valleys or mountain tops.

2. Keep learning.

Author and Certified Life Coach, Janell Rardon coined the term, “Always Learning.” It’s how she would often sign blog posts or email content. The more I let this stew around in my brain, the more I fall in love with it. There is much to learn every single day of our lives. We cannot remain stagnant. We must be eager to learn new things, expand and grow in our passions and talents, and keep an open mindset toward other people. Maybe it is time we read new books, start a new hobby, or take that class we have always wanted to take! Keep learning, keep challenging yourself mentally, physically and spiritually, and keep embracing new things.

3. Don’t live within the walls of your comfort zone.

God has shown me in the latter part of 2018 that I need to reach outside of my comfort zone more. To do some things that kinda terrify me. To talk about my faith more. To submit articles that may very well be rejected the first time. Or the second and third time. To not just do things because it is what we have always done. To make new friends! To invite new friends to church. To make mommy friends who may understand more of the emotions and challenges I am facing so we can talk about them and be there for one another. Have you stepped outside your comfort zone this year? I have much stepping to do in 2019! Progress

4. Take leaps of faith.

2018 has been interesting for our family. Plans that changed. Plans that rearranged. Lots of waiting to see exactly where God wants us. More waiting. Unexpected but exciting news of baby #2 being on the way and being pregnant for half of the year. The beginning of 2019 will bring the birth of our little girl, Skye Elizabeth, and our family dynamics will change and rearrange. We are excited, anxious, and honestly, kind of TERRIFIED. But, God is in charge and we know His plans are great (Jeremiah 29:11).

5. Stay thankful!

The Lord has shown me time and time again this year that even in the waiting periods, difficult periods, and downright painful and frustrating periods that there is always something to be thankful for. He has shown me to find the beauty in simplicity and the beauty in “less things.” He is showing us to work on making lasting memories and to spend quality time together and to make moments count. He is showing us daily to always find the blessings rather than letting the waiting periods bog us down.

What has God shown you in 2018?

Please feel free to share in the comments or on our Facebook page.

I am excited for what God has in store for 2019. It may not always be roses and butterflies and gummy bears, but God’s plan is beyond anything we could ever imagine or hope for. His plan gives hope to the hopeless. Joy to the downtrodden. His love and plan changes and restores the sad and lonely parts of our hearts. As we reflect on 2018, I pray we can see how perfect and timeless God’s provision is.

I want to give a special and heartfelt thank you to those who follow our little journey. Thank you for reading, for the encouragement, and we are excited to see what God has in store for 2019!



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