Dear Grieving Moms

I never had the feeling of hitting rock bottom until I lost my first child in the womb. I never understood what it meant to have an identity crisis until I went from working 50+ hour weeks to being home full time, knee-deep in poopy diapers, vomit-covered shirts, speaking in weird voices, working my tail... Continue Reading →


A Heart on Fire: Lessons From Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reverend, Husband, Father, World Changer, Activist, and Role Model are just a few of the titles that Martin Luther King, Jr. held. As I have taken a few days to reflect on the impact Luther had, I cannot help but try to imagine being in a room where he was boldly speaking to the masses... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Growth

God is teaching me that seasons of growth lead to seasons of gratefulness. I used to think that having a certain job title, a perfect home or the most well-behaved child would make me feel successful. Now, I am beginning to see how thankful I am for even the not-so-perfect moments. Maybe you, too, have... Continue Reading →

A Blank Canvas

The thing I love about art is that you can create something inspirational, insightful, and thought-provoking with the stroke a brush. I always dreamed of being an artist, a creative, someone who unashamedly puts their thoughts and dreams on paper without fear of what others have to say. I wish I could paint like Picasso... Continue Reading →

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