Seasons of Growth

God is teaching me that seasons of growth lead to seasons of gratefulness.

I used to think that having a certain job title, a perfect home or the most well-behaved child would make me feel successful. Now, I am beginning to see how thankful I am for even the not-so-perfect moments.

Maybe you, too, have faced an identity crisis. Or a crisis of some kind. Whether you are a full time mom, first responder, grocery bagger, nail artist, lawyer, doctor, or coffee barista – you are important and valuable to society. We can learn so much from one another.

After all, life is about more than a title. Titles are fleeting. The condition of our heart is forever. The way we love is our legacy.

We all go through seasons of growth and change – so we might as well embrace it and learn what we can along the way. Ultimately, I have been reminded that we serve an amazing God who never leaves us nor forsakes us.

As Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

There is a time for brokenness. 

A time for tears.

Times for laughter that make your stomach hurt.

Laughter that reminds you that mommy-bladder IS really a thing.

There is a time for grieving.

There is a time to be thankful for the mess that you’ve been through, which strengthened you, taught you many lessons, and gave you a different outlook on life.

There is a time for hardship in your marriage, which led you and your spouse to draw closer to God and cling tightly to one another. The hardships that ultimately led you closer to one another.

Sometimes when Russ and I are trying to resist temptation of the mind that makes us question our decisions, “Well, why don’t we have (this) now” and “What are we doing wrong because we are not ready for (that)?” 

We’ve felt like hit rock bottom in our marriage before because we were supposed to learn something. And we did. We learned how desperately we need God’s presence. Maybe we can encourage other young couples who feel marriage is supposed to be easy. Because it isn’t.

We learned that we can’t give up every time things get tough.

We learned that we need God to steer as we navigate through life. 

We felt like we’ve hit rock bottom in our personal lives before. We were each chasing SOMETHING.

Unsure of exactly what we were looking for, ultimately, we were chasing the idea of seeing our name in lights.

God has shown us so many things over the past 2 years since Liam entered our lives.

He has shown us that trials can lead to praise parties.

He has shown us that tears of pain can lead to stories of redemption.

He has definitely shown us that His timing is perfect and many times when we wanted things right now, God said, “Trust me, cling to me, and let me teach you some things along the way.”

Today I hope to encourage you!

Maybe this season you are in or the struggles/trials you are facing is leading to a season of gratefulness. Of triumph. Of a newfound sense of hope and strength.

The struggles make us stronger.

This season may be focused on personal, spiritual, and relational growth.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back, look at how far God has led you and see what lessons you’ve learned during your season of struggles.

I pray that your season of growth also leads to a beautiful season of gratefulness.

May your story be used for His glory.


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