You are NOT Alone 

If you take a moment to really look around a room, a grocery store, a doctor’s office, or your work environment, there are always people who appear on their own emotionally – down in the dumps and wallowing in the pits of desperation and despair. Perhaps they are feeling alone, fighting depression and anxiety, or just received a devastating diagnosis. Today’s youth and adults not ony feel compelled to win the approval of their peers, they feel the need to have it all together. I know I still struggle with this.

Our young people long to fill a void that they cannot yet grasp through likes on social media, gossip, relationships, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and sex. Adults feel the need to make their spouses, children, and co-workers proud, sometimes trying to fill their void through earthly wealth and material things … by holding high job titles, and by earning the title of success through the world’s eyes. This is a natural and normal yearning – to be loved and to love in return. People want to hear that they are valued and beloved beyond compare. People want others to tell them how wonderful they are, how well-behaved and intelligent their children are, and how perfect their marriage looks. 

You may be that person who is currently avoiding everyone you know because you feel unwanted or unnoticed. Maybe you currently feel like you are not valued or treasured. Maybe you feel alone because you feel you can’t tell anyone about your struggles and insecurities. Maybe you are fighting anxiety, comparison, and longing for a relationship filled to the brim with honesty.

Maybe you are currently dealing with torn and broken relationships and feel like your entire world is crumbling.

Maybe you feel like there is a not a shoulder you can cry on or an ear that is willing to listen to you. TRULY listen to you. 

You are not alone. Be encouraged, dear one, and take time to seek out and mend the relationships of those whom you love and who love you, knowing that sometimes things happen “for such a time as this.”  Invest in the relationships where you can be yourself and be vulnerable and honest. Where you can open up about your spiritual challenges and roller coasters. Where you can admit that you are struggling with depression.

The first person we can and should run to is Jesus.

He is the definition of an authentic and genuine relationship, willing to accept us and love us as we are, but doesn’t want us to continue living and wallowing in the pits of defeat and emotional/spiritual exhaustion. 

One rough day does not and should not define the rest of your week, month, or year. Take each day with a renewed spirit and a new desire to live life to the fullest, trusting God every step of the way.

Take time to seek out those who are struggling. Too often when people are hurting, they avoid everyone and everything.

Avoidance does not bring healing.

You are not alone nor should we let other people feel alone in this world.

I recently heard some extremely sad news that had my heart in a tizzy, burdened, questionning if there was something I could have done to prevent it. Without going into detail, I have continued to ask myself, “Would this tragedy have happened if I reached out to this person MORE?”

While we can NOT live in a state of constant “what ifs,” I have been reminded that we do not know what the future holds – so we should make every conversation and encounter matter because we never know if there will be another.

I have also been reminded that I must cast my own anxieities, worries, and fears to the Lord and trust in His strength, guidance, and wisdom. 

1 Peter 5:7, Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.




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