An Open Letter to My Son’s Future Wife

Dear Future Daughter-in-Law, I do not know who you are yet, but I know that tonight I am praying for you. And I vow to pray for you every single night. While I am nowhere near accepting the thought of seeing my baby boy marry, I do commit to begin praying for you and your... Continue Reading →


A Blank Canvas

The thing I love about art is that you can create something inspirational, insightful, and thought-provoking with the stroke a brush. I always dreamed of being an artist, a creative, someone who unashamedly puts their thoughts and dreams on paper without fear of what others have to say. I wish I could paint like Picasso... Continue Reading →

Give Your Spouse The Bigger Piece of Pie

It's amazing how sometimes the smallest acts can teach us the biggest lessons. Have the biggest impact on our lives. Inspire us to reroute our current patterns of thinking. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and one of my current cravings is fresh-out-of-the-oven, leaves-your-mouth-watering, homemade pumpkin pie. 'Tis the season. Admittedly, I recently made two pumpkin pies... Continue Reading →

Untangling The Webs of Regret

I could tell story after story of opportunities I have missed: To have conversations or meetings that I should've had when I knew people were struggling or hurting.  To go out of my way to tell someone I appreciate them, because I knew they were facing a difficult time and could use some extra encouragement. ... Continue Reading →

When Trust is Broken

I think it is pretty safe to say we all have baggage. We all have points in our life where we feel like we hit rock bottom. We feel gloomy, afraid, uncertain of our relationships, and wonder how we could be so naive. Maybe you are in that place right now. While we could go... Continue Reading →

My Promise: Not To Give Up On You

We make a vow to love our spouse “in sickness and in health,” “for better or for worse,” and “in good times and in bad.” What we do not always realize when reciting those vows is what the future holds: • The miscarriage that shattered both of your hearts • The times where your bank... Continue Reading →

Healthy Families Can Change the World!

Over the past few weeks I have been pulling out and dusting off my counseling books, papers, and trying to "brush up" on crisis counseling interventions and strategies. I decided it was time to delve into some of the difficult topics of healthy/unhealthy families, addictions, heartaches, trials, and unfortunate circumstances and how to cope. We... Continue Reading →

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