The Battles We Face: Beauty & Comparison

We live in a world of comparison. We live in a world where we are told we aren't pretty enough, skinny enough, or talented enough. We live in a society that tears one another down. We live in a world full of people trying to find themselves. We are often our own worst critic: we... Continue Reading →


Greener Grass: The Side We Water

The truth is this: sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because that's where we water it. The "green grass" of life is where we tend to focus on the positive, potential, and newfound sense of hope. That's where we look for the good in things. When we've been in... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a First Responder Wife

Our world is bombarded with tragedy, hate, harsh words, and deceit. But, our world is also full of kind, generous people who would sacrifice their own life for a complete stranger. I married a kind-hearted person like this who helps gunshot victims, rape victims, people threatening or who have just attempted suicide, victims in cardiac... Continue Reading →

Take The Wheel, God!

My prayer right now, is for peace. Not only for our world and country, but for our own hearts and homes. In the wake of world chaos, death, protests, hatred, anger, and rage – my heart is flooded with sadness when I see such heartbreaking acts. I often lose sight of the end goal -... Continue Reading →

You are NOT Alone 

If you take a moment to really look around a room, a grocery store, a doctor's office, or your work environment, there are always people who appear on their own emotionally - down in the dumps and wallowing in the pits of desperation and despair. Perhaps they are feeling alone, fighting depression and anxiety, or... Continue Reading →

3 Tips To Being More Genuine

What if we all wore name tags with our biggest fears? Insecurities? Secrets? What if we embraced others without bias, eye-rolling, and judgment? What if we imagined, entering a conversation, that the person we are talking to could be having the absolute worst day of their life? I recently came across this verse and it... Continue Reading →

Dear Grieving Moms

I never had the feeling of hitting rock bottom until I lost my first child in the womb. I never understood what it meant to have an identity crisis until I went from working 50+ hour weeks to being home full time, knee-deep in poopy diapers, vomit-covered shirts, speaking in weird voices, working my tail... Continue Reading →

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